Your Guide To Fasteners

accessoriesThe world of construction and maintenance can be confusing to the average human being, and so it can be very easy to be duped when shopping for construction materials for your house for instance, or when you need to renovate. Although you may not know everything if you can familiarise and educate yourself on the main aspects, chances are you will get the job done much more efficiently and at a lower cost. As a part of this, it would also be necessary to differentiate between different grades of wood for example, tiles and fasteners. In order to assist you, here are a few of them that have been elaborated on.


Different types of abrasives suppliers or in a cheap hardware store are available for purchase, however if you go with no idea of what it is you want, you will be there for a long time not to mention probably come back with the completely wrong product. Different ones are suited for different purposes, hence the screw type includes wood, machine, thread cutting and sheet metal. Each of them are suitable on different material for example wood, metal and so on. Usually your construction worker or labourer will be able to offer you some insight into this, although they need to be completely trustworthy.


This is another type, and is again suited for its own purposes. This includes hex, carriage and lag bolts to name a few. They are fiddly items, hence when storing them ensure you either get zip lock bags or casings in which to store them all so you need not have to look for one or the other during an emergency. As they are small, they can be easily lost so ensure you store them in a neat and tidy manner.


Just as you find different varieties of hand tools online at, they all also have different types of ‘heads’ on them. If you are confused about what this ‘head’ is, think about a hammer and a nail or the last time you used a screwdriver. There is usually a formation on the head of the nail/ screw that makes it easier for you to enforce it where you need to. Some have flat tops whilst others have deep ridges and raised heads. Domed and cylindrical heads are also some of the types you will find.


Although this is more something that men would be familiar with, if you read up on these as well as nut types, you will be able to distinguish the difference between washer types and so on, which will not only help you do your job much more efficiently, but also provide you with new information allowing you to educate yourself.