Month: May 2018

Advertise Your Product Inexpensively

One thing that is very important in getting your product the sales, demand and profit you expects is advertising. It might not be the easiest task of all but it is very crucial. Yet again, spending a large amount of your profit or capital towards marketing your product does not mean it is the pathway to success nor does it mean that you will be able to recover it easily. So, how can you advertise your product while saving the cash? Well, there are so many ways that you can get the job done easily.


One thing that, for sure, will get your product the fame it requires is through word of mouth. If someone comes up to me and says “did you check out this new product?” or “you should totally check out *name of the product*” , I get excited and instantly get the urge to try out the product. But, I won’t be stopping there. First, I would be searching the product on Google, instagram, Facebook and more. Based on the profile and reviews of the product will I be judging it. Thereby, what is crucial is to start up a great communication. Create the mandatory social media profiles. A great tip: get some bloggers with a large follower based to do reviews on your product by sending out free samples to them. That is another great way to spread the message. Also, when you have the chance make sure you send out cheap products like promotional pens with your logo and all. People will be noticing that easily.

Press releases

When people read a company’s name in an article online or in print form, they tend to be very concerned about it. But, of course, the article or the press release should contain legitimate information which can make people read it. For an example; you can include news regarding a new product release, involvement with other companies, programs or even charity activities, opening of a new store and more. This will make people look into your company more and keep a keen eye for it.

Buddy Marketing

Joining with another company or business can bring you so many advantages as well. This is a great way to expand your customer base and also create new alliances. You can help each other out. During events you can give them feather banners of your company to be put up in the venue and you can do the same for them. Not only will this be a great way to promote your product or company but it will also be a great chance to build up a good reputation for it. These methods are not expensive like other promotional methods. Thereby, you will be saving a ton of cash and also getting a great customer base.

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Tips To Help You Save Money When Buying Art Materials

For any artist, if you go visit the paint supply store it can be a magical but costly trip. You get lost in all the entire colours and the material available that instead of buying just that one thing you need; you end up piling many things into your cart. This type of behaviour can be dangerous and bad for your bank account. If you are an artist and you want to budget everything down you need to be more careful.

As an artist, you should consider purchasing cheap art supplies regardless if you are making a good sale on your work or not. It is more economical to buy something budget friendly and make it work rather than buying the most expensive thing out there.

Here are a few tips to help you save money on art material:

  • Try and stick to one store so that you become a regular client. This means that you can walk up to the counter and ask if they have a special discount for repeat clients. In the event that the store does not accommodate this you can always find another store, even if you have to drive a few minutes further away. Isn’t it better to be able to buy things on credit once in a while?
  • Do not use paint unnecessarily when working on your craft. Try and use up the excess paint lying on your palette. Be mindful as to how much paint is needed and how much you actually put on your palette. You can buy tubes of glazes, which are very thin and can be stretched easily. If the art needs texture, use some old newspaper, fibrous paper or used paper so that you don’t need to buy textured paint to make your work have the desired effect.
  • Coupons will save your life. Watch out for the coupons on newspapers or online which give you the best deal.
  • You can always stretch out your own canvas, which means that you don’t need to buy the pre-stretched canvas available which are very expensive. You will be able to stretch the canvas to the desired size and have a little bit of fun with it.
  • They say that buying in bulk saves a lot of money and this is accurate. So buy in bulk will also mean you will get a discount from a discount art supplies Australia store.
  • Look after all your existing supplies; clean them, wipe them and keep them dry so that you don’t need to buy new ones to replace the damaged ones.Using a few of these tips, and you will be able to save a little more than you plan for.

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