E-Cigs; Tips And Tricks!

E-Cigs or E cigarettes have become very popular since their initial debut. This product was introduced to market a few years ago and now it is dominating the cigarette market. If you are a regular smoker you might have already tried this out. But if you have not tried it, it is really worth a shot. But before you jump in to any conclusion you should know how to use an e cigarette. Most users think that using one of these handy looking gadgets is easy and they are not totally wrong. It is very easy to use an e Cig but if you know the right ways of using them, you can enjoy it a whole lot more. Following simple tricks will help you enjoy your next puffs more and if you read and follow up, they will give you a more satisfying feeling, of course.

Prime your puff!

As we already know, e cigs use batteries. If you want an experience that simulates real smoking, you always should use a manual battery. Automatic batteries are preferred, of course, but they tend to offer you smaller puffs. This is because an automatic battery has a delay and it takes a few seconds more to vaporize the liquid. If you use a manual battery, you can prime your puffs yourself by holding the button down for a couple of seconds.

Refilling your cigarette

E cigs need a liquid to create vapor, of course. And this liquid is filled in to a reservoir built in the cigarette. One should be cautious when refilling this tank or reservoir. If your liquid compartment is already full and if you are trying to add more liquid, your cigarette will fail to give you an ideal amount of vapor in your puffs. Instead the puffs will be “empty”. So always refill up to the indicated line.

Try different tastes

These devices became popular over the past few years because they are very flexible and they have a bunch of tastes and flavors. If you want to have a different smoking experience, try changing your flavor or your e liquid. You can buy all this flavors for E cigarettes online. Their prices are very affordable and you can always try various tastes to find your favorite! Also, you can find these liquids with different and original tobacco flavors. Other than these simple tricks, you always can change your choice from an atomizer to a cartomizer. Also you can try drip tips to have a unique experience.

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