Types Of Wedding Chairs

tablesWhen selecting wedding chairs, one should make sure that it matches the décor, the theme and most importantly the location of the wedding. Even though it is not the first thing that comes to the mind when planning a wedding, it is vital that you choose the right type that complements your wedding set-up. Following are, four of the most common wedding chair styles that are used.

1. Chiavari Chairs
This is one of the most famous wedding chair styles that are used today. They are light in weight and goes well with both a contemporary and a rustic set up. It mainly comes in gold, silver and bronze colors, but some chair hiring agencies provide in other colors as well. It is made out of faux bamboo and sometimes comes with padding. Chiavari chairs are mainly used for indoor ceremonies for they portray a simple elegance.

2. Banquet Chairs
These bulky and heavy chairs are almost always used for indoor weddings. They are mainly given, if your reception is to be held at a hotel. Wedding table centrepiece are quite comfortable and could be made to look much more refined and decorous than they usually are. A chair cover hire agency could take care of that for you, for they would have a range of styles and designs that would match the ambiance of the wedding you want.

3. Folding chairs
Folding chairs are very simple and can be rented for a much cheaper rate than the rest of the wedding chairs that are offered in the market. They are ideal for a garden wedding or an outdoor function. Even though folding chairs are acutely uncomfortable without padding, it serves the purpose. They can be used with chair covers too, but doing it on your own may not give the same outlook a chair cover hire agency would, for they would know exactly how to blend it along with the wedding’s ambiance.

4. Ghost Chairs
These transparent chairs would blend in with almost any setting. May it be a beach wedding, a garden wedding, a candlelit wedding under the stars – it would fit in anywhere. Although the rental is slightly expensive, they can be decorated in any way to suit the set up and the theme of the wedding. Since Ghost Chairs are transparent, it would appear more spacious and less cluttered. Even though it might not go with an extravagant and a glamorous setting, the decorations could be used to complete the entire surrounding. The above mentioned are a general overview of the types of wedding chairs that are used commonly. Making the right choice in selecting the correct chair for your wedding would make a massive difference on how it would look.

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