All You Need To Know About Marijuana

There are millions and zillions of plants in the world but there is just this one plant that has changed the economy of countries and thus is now one of the widely sold plants in the world. This plant is the cannabis also known as hemp plant. So what is so special about this plant? Though this plant might not ring a bell in your mind, the things it can be converted into will very obviously be known to all. The hemp plant is the main core for the production of marijuana. The stems, leaves and flowers of the plant are dried to give rise to marijuana.

Marijuana is a drug sold worldwide. It is not sold legally but sold illegally. This drug is transported by smugglers who trespass the countries security and break all laws to bring this drug into the country. But then there are some other countries that have legalised marijuana.

There are so many way marijuana can be consumed. Given below is a short list. Marijuana can be put into glass pipes. These pipes can be purchased from any broker or even through the internet, for example glass pipes online Australia at One could either directly smoke it or extract the addictive component into a vaporizing chamber and then breathe in the vapour. One could even roll it inside a wrap and this can be called a joint. Another way is to place it inside a half filled cigarette and this can be called a blunt.

The substance in marijuana that makes people ‘’high’’ is known scientifically as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).Excess of this substance knocks people senses off. It is reported that the majority of the rape cases happened because man was on marijuana and did not know what was going on. So many divorces have also happened for this reason as the husband gets high and then comes and harasses the wife and children. Plus people who are on marijuana are a threat to society as a whole.

But still there are some politicians and high ranking officials who vote for marijuana as it can be a good source of income. They tend to ignore the fact that it has caused so many problems in a lot of families. Plus once a person gets addicted to it they spend tons and tons to buy the load and if they get broke, they start to steal money from others. And some even kill people to get the dose as they get too addicted to it and without the right doe they get side effects such as shivering and nausea.