Protecting Yourself Against Fraudulent Accident Claims

A fraudulent accident claim is where you are framed into accepting the fault of an accident you did not cause. This is becoming quite common and may involve vehicles or even pedestrians. Therefore, it is necessary to identify the ways you can become subject to such a claim in order to analyze the precautions that can be taken against it. In the case of scams involving pedestrians the most common scenario is where a person suddenly jumps in front of your car out of nowhere (especially when you are travelling fairly slowly and a collusion will not result in substantial damage to the scammer) and claiming that you hit him even though you are absolutely sure that you did not. Most of the time he would have several assistants nearby who would claim to have seen the accident and they do not choose blind spots so that you will not be able to rely on the argument that you did not see him. The fraudulent accidents involving vehicles are also similar. Most probably the scammer may come out of a junction and hit your car or may pull in front of your vehicle and slam on the brakes suddenly without giving you sufficient time to stop your vehicle, etc. In any event he will have witnesses ready to claim that it was somehow your fault.

The best method to avoid such scams is to drive carefully and be vigilant. However, no matter how careful you are, you may be subjected to a fraudulent accident claim. Therefore, one of the easiest things to do is to get yourself a dash camera. This will allow you to record the whole incident and then you can show the footage to the scammers. Most of the time, the plotters will not try to frame you when they see that you have evidence to prove your innocence. If you are a victim of a fraudulent accident claim make sure to take photographs of the scene after the accident including the license plate and the driver of the other vehicle as this will help you in obtaining the insurance claim. Never, ever hesitate to call the police if someone is trying to frame you for a fake accident, especially if it involves a pedestrian.

If you have a reliable reverse camera the video footage will be extremely useful in proving to the police what actually happened. Even if you do not have a recording of the incident, calling the police may in itself deter the fakers as they usually do not want to face law enforcement authorities and go through the whole process. The people who stage fake accidents generally want some easy cash. So make it as difficult for them as possible irrespective of how busy you are. At least pretend that you have all the time in the world until the police would complete their investigations and most scammers would be willing to walk away.

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